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Webb Law | Patent Innovation: Life Sciences

Patent Innovation: Life Sciences

Life Sciences Innovation is a rapidly-evolving field involving multidisciplinary technologies and significant changes in how the United States Patent and Trademark Office and other patent offices handle those technologies.

The Webb Law Firm continues to be at the forefront of this field. We have a team of experienced lawyers with substantial and current experience in patent prosecution and counseling clients.

Clients of our Life Sciences practice include multinational companies, start-up ventures, and academic institutions. With experience in every phase of an innovation’s life cycle, The Webb Law Firm helps clients convert experimental research into patentable developments. The Life Sciences Team works closely with our Mechanical, Chemical, Plants, Materials Science, Electrical and Information Technology Teams in particular areas such as biotechnology, medical devices, materials, computer-implemented methods and plants.

Areas of Focus:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods, Devices and Systems
  • Computer-implemented Methods
  • Medical Devices and Materials
  • Plants
  • Biomaterials