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Webb Law | Patent Innovation

Patent Innovation

The Innovation Team provides patent services for innovations as they move from conception to development to commercialization. The Webb Law Firm’s Innovation Team protects the exclusivity and, ultimately, the profitability of our clients’ innovations throughout their market lives.

Patenting Process: Foundation

The Webb Law Firm collaborates with the inventors, business leaders, and industry experts to explore why and how a product is developed, what problems it resolves, and the current ‘state-of-the-art’ of this technology. Our Innovation Team has expertise in conducting comprehensive and strategic patent searches via databases and by travelling to the U.S. Patent Office to interface with patent examiners. Ultimately, the analysis and evaluation of findings provide a basis for strong and effective patent coverage. Our work with inventors enables The Webb Law Firm to develop a patent strategy that provides robust protection of the innovation with an eye to competitive technologies.

Prosecution Process: Execution

The Webb Law Firm has unmatched experience with patent practice and examination procedures, which means that we are efficient and effective in prosecuting patent applications. Protecting our clients’ intellectual property is the focus of every member of the firm, top to bottom.

Commercialization: Ongoing

The Webb Law Firm assists in developing product release strategies for our clients that make the most of market opportunities with the lowest risk. Through right-to-use monitoring and infringement evaluations, we stay engaged providing ongoing protection as our clients’ products and innovations evolve.

Protection: Post-Issuance

The Webb Law Firm continues to assist our clients after issuance of their patents through inter partes and ex parte proceedings, such as reexamination, reissue, and interference.