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PIPLA Celebrates 100 Years

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Pittsburgh-based IP law association, PIPLA, celebrates 100 years in operation at a dinner reception this evening. The Webb Law Firm continually supports their mission, as in the past, with seven Webb attorneys having served as PIPLA presidents, dating back to 1952 when William H. Webb took the office at PIPLA.

Jacob Rooksby, current PIPLA President, reinforces the organization's strong history while looking forward to the future, "[W]e face an exciting opportunity to take a close look at our operations-to analyze what we are doing well, and to consider where we could stand to improve...New members promise to bring renewed energy and different perspectives on what this organization can accomplish, all while being respectful of our rich history and traditions."

Webb congratulates PIPLA and we look forward to the century to come!

Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Law Association (PIPLA) is one of the nation’s oldest organizations dedicated to fostering collegial exchanges regarding the nuances and importance of intellectual property. For more information, visit