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The Webb Law Firm dates back to 1845, when William Bakewell became the first attorney to practice patent law west of the Allegheny Mountains. A graduate of Western University of Pennsylvania Law School (now the University of Pittsburgh), he was admitted to the bar of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. William Bakewell practiced law for 54 years with various partners, including his son Thomas Woodhouse Bakewell, who joined his father’s firm in 1883 after graduating from Rutgers College. The name Bakewell remained as part of the firm’s name until 1925 when the partners adopted their names as the firm’s name. In 1929, William Hess Webb, whose name survives, joined the firm where he practiced law for 68 years and provided leadership until his death in 1997.

Since its inception, The Webb Law Firm has focused on intellectual property law in the United States and globally. Today, the firm’s 50+ professionals have academic degrees in a variety of technical disciplines, as well as law, which enables them to handle patent, trademark, and copyright issues and litigation in nearly all technical fields. The firm continues to grow progressively to address the needs of our clients.

Webb Law | History | William Bakewell

William Bakewell

Webb Law | History | William Hess Webb

William Hess Webb